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Robotics & Automation, Digital Transformation and surviving Disruption

Digital Transformation and Automation
Automation is the imperative for Digital Transformation.
According to Wall Street Journalist Peggy Noonan, 50 years ago the life expectancy of a firm in the Fortune 500 was around 75 years. Now it is less than 15 years and declining even further. 40 percent of today's Fortune 500 companies are likely to disappear within 10 years ! Period.

But who will replace them ? Emerging Start-ups with Industry 4.0 technologies, of course.
Most of the companies that will comprise Standard & Poor's 500 index in 2020 have still not been founded today. Imagine !

What are the digital disruptors ?
UBER, the taxi company without cars, the taxi app that allows people to track their taxi, pay with mobile devices and rate the drivers for the next customer.
Alibaba & Amazon, the shopping companies without shops are replacing today's shops.
WhatsApp, the telecom company without telephones is replacing today's telecom companies.
Netflix, the entertainment company without videotecs & cinemas changes the home entertainment market.
Airbnb, the hotel company without hotels is having a crack at the travel industry.

But it does not stop here. Even mobile apps look outdated. Apple's App Store features more than two billion apps but 49 percent of the smart phone users download ZERO (0) apps in a typical month.

Chatbots invade communication, Artificial Intelligence on voice commands, Amazon Echo, Siri, Google Now, and will do many more of our actions today by 2020.

How to respond to this digital transformation ? Just be faster, more adaptive, more nimble. Just be agile !

To deliver the benefits of digital transformation and survive the disruptive outside forces lurking around practically everywhere, you need the right software tools in place.

Taxi companies are no longer taxi companies but Software companies.
Airlines are no longer airlines but Software companies.
Retail companies are no longer retail companies but Software companies.
Telecom companies,
home entertainment companies,
travel agencies &
hotel companies are no longer what they were but...

Software companies !
But which software ?

Digital transformation is targeting straightforward automation and digitalization of the existing manual and analog processes. The next step moves beyond simple replication of existing businesses. We need to create new sources of business value & customer engagement by using mobility analytics, social media analytics and big data analytics and combining Big Data, social technologies, the Internet of Things, DevOps and mobile-first computing strategies.

DevOps Automation, ERP Automation, Big Data Automation, Service Orchestration, Unified Automation enabling Digital Transformation.

No-one wants to be a victim of the next Airbnb, Uber or Netflix. Digital Transformation has never been more important. Innovation speed and agility will determine which businesses succeed and will fail. Centralized management & monitoring of automated processes will be integral for end-to-end visibility and control of IT- and business processes. Rapid and accurate reporting will be imperative to ensuring regulatory compliance. Unified automation and orchestration enables IT teams to support SLAs and business requirements for continuous digital service delivery and operations. It also allows enterprise IT to lower ownership costs, reduce learning curves and provide the business with the speed and agility it needs to compete. This needs to be supported by modern automation platforms.

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Matthias Seiler