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Virtual Reality, AI
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Virtual & Augmented Reality at Work

For around ten years VR and AR have been been part of a better working world.
Better decisions are taken based on
   (I) superior situational awareness and
   (II) correct and relevant information
   (III) exactly at the right time.
People are receptive to additional audio signals that can be heard, vibration/haptic signals that can be felt and relevant visual info that is displayed in the field of view, e.g. "Glass" (the google smart glass) or the Helmet Mounted Display HDMS of an F-35 JSF joint strike fighter pilot supported by Link 16 or GlobalEye "AEW&C" leading airborne early warning & control system.

Google Glass, Oculus VR, head-up-displays or Gen.III Helmet Mounted Displays

VR and AR simulations provide virtual environments for learners to develop skills without real-world consequences of failing! That saves material and other resources and minimizes costs. This is important in
   - education (e.g. anatomy, design,...),
   - flight simulators & driver training,
   - health care & safety,
   - military & astronaut training,
   - immersive VR engineering and
   - bridge and sewerage inspection.

Google Smart Glass
Google Glass
Oculus Rift Touch
Oculus Rift Touch
Saab JAS 39 Gripen
F-35 Gen.III Helmet HMDS

SAS, Boemska UK, Facebook's Oculus VR

Already in February 2014, some weeks prior to Facebook's Oculus VR acquisition for US$ 2.3 billion, sascom magazine featured the article "Using virtual reality to understand big data" about delivering data insights using VR headsets like the Oculus Rift,
and Michael Thomas, SAS Senior Systems Architect, published the SAS Blog article Big Data in your Face! Yes, in some cases, virtual reality can be augmented, just like Google Glass augments physical reality.

In the world of Big Data and Advanced Analytics the companies SAS and Boemska UK have merged to better explore and visualize the immersive, infinite visualization space in the huge universe of data.
SAS Viya with Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning components plus VR allows an easy and transparent interaction to create an intuitive, interactive, and productive analyst experience, as presented on 11 April 2019 at the AI in Financial Services, Kaufleuten Zürich, Switzerland.

"The Infinite Canvas: Analyzing Social Networks in Virtual Space" by Falko Schulz & Nikola Markovic.

SAS - AI in Financial Services
Data in VR
SAS VR Network Rendered
VR to explore

Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Virtual Reality Video Games were a hot topic in 2017 and 2018. Thanks to the PlayStation VR on PS4, Oculus Rift and SteamVR virtual reality headsets VR games have gone beyond tired eyes and dizziness.
The first virtual reality game I tried back in early 2017 was the PlayStation VR "Robinson: The Journey VR" by Crytek.

Robinson: The Journey VR (source code in C++ 'Qt', Lua and C# on CryEngine)

This is a virtual reality science fiction adventure where you, space traveler Robin, have just survived the crash of your space ship Esmeralda on planet Tyson III and you're now about to explore the habitat of virtual prehistoric lizards and flying dinosaurs. In the debris of your destoyed space ship you discover an still intact HIGS, a flying orb unit using its artificial intelligence, that becomes the companion on your journey.

Adults should play Games too

My children's codex at school: At school, my children learnt about correct behaviour related to mobbing, online media, social media, VR and AI (virtual reality with artificial intelligence) and gaming.
They set up their behavioural codex with common rules which was updated every year according to their age, and they behaved accordingly.

Parents need to agree with their children's media codex on common rules, control and prevent abuse. Parents keep learning with their children.

So, together with my children I played their games and learnt about their individual social media needs, personal online behaviour and network and I have been ready for the questions they asked.
As well I explored some +18 games that are not yet free for my kids.

VR Gaming
VR Gaming
Gaming Rig
Gaming Rig

Video Gaming on PC or console

To be up to date with the newest top games, I occasionally login to play, learn and enjoy the newest blast.
During the Corona Pandemics in 2020 and 2021 and the related Covid-19 lockdown of the economy I had some hours to explore new video games even some to explore the aftermath of viral pandemics as in The Division 1 (aftermath of a viral pandemic) and The Division 2 (aftermath of a genetically engineered virus known as "Green Poison").

Cyberpunk 2077 (in C++ on REDengine)

Awesome ! The game to Mamoru Oshii's movie "Ghost in the Shell" (2019) and Akira (1988) ! This game is a big hit, a block buster, and currently my favourite!
The game teleports you to the year 2077, in which advanced technologies & body modifications have become both, a blessing and a curse for mankind.
Well, you'll see a bluescreen once in a while, but luckily you will restart exactly where the game crashed. So, technically, there's still space for improvement but gaming-wise it is a great step onto a new gaming level by hacking IT systems, getting access to IoT, manipulate technical devices, pushing limits with meds and add skills based on body modifications.

The Division (in C++ on Snowdrop engine)

If you like New York city, you will enjoy the fantastic sceenery in this video game!
Tom Clancy's The Division, Ubisoft's best-selling and number one game in 2016/2017, teleports you to Manhattan, NYC, in the aftermath of a viral pandemic like the one caused by the Corona virus in late 2019 to 2021. The player is a Special Agent tasked with investigations of the nature of the virus outbreak and will have to rebuild operations outside the death zone. In order to survive, the player will have to scavenge for his own supplies. Lockdown. Quarantaine everywhere. Shops closed. Goods are rare. Hospitals are full, bursting at the seams,...

The Division 2, the sequel (again on Ubisoft's Snowdrop engine in C++)

Another fantastic pandemics game to play at home during Covid-19-lockdown!
This time, the game teleports the player to Washington D.C. in the aftermath of an artificial virus outbreak, the "Green Poison". The player is a Special Agent tasked with rebuilding operations and investigate the nature of the outbreak.
The Division 2, the sequel of Tom Clancy's The Division, is said to be an improvement over Ubisoft's first installment. Well, I liked the first release "The Division" better and it helps in "The Division 2" to have an inkling of what happened in The Division in New York.

"GTA5" (Grand Theft Auto V) on Rockstar Advanced Game Engine on Rockstar Editor

The fantastic online game (up to 30 players) in open world design in and around "Los Angeles", called San Andreas, where all your actions are governed and answered with aggression of law enforcement response when committing crimes.
If you want to make money, it is very advisable to deliver goods only in a peaceful world but not start these delivery missions under fire. So, stay online in a session until most opponents left (one opponent required to be paid the maximum multi-player payout) and then execute as quick as possible but in a controlled manner free of mistakes.

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V

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