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Did you meet and talk to your personal bank contact recently ? Why not ? You found more convenient ways to handle your finances !

FinTech or fintech, the innovations around traditional financial services and technology companies (startups and established financial & technology companies) are numerous and can be categorized from Personal Finance (new ways to track & manage personal finances, loyalty rewards,...) to Lending (peer-to-peer- & micro-lending, consumer & business lending, crowdfunding), Payments (mobile wallets, consumer, commercial, institutional, international,...), POS (point-of-sale payments, QR-code, palm-scanners) and Financing (crowdsourcing & secondary markets) Fin. Transaction Security (fraud prevention, transactions securing, user authentication) Tools & Infrastructure (small & medium business tools, mobile & online & e-commerce payment solutions, Big Data Analytics) Institutional Investing (stock sentiment analysis, alternative investment platforms, and algorithmic trading tools for portfolio management of WM, Hedge Funds & professional traders) Intl. Money Transfer (send money abroad easily and cheaply)
PayTech or paytech, the payment technology. There is much more going on than the use of smartphones and credit/debit cards for payment methods. Yet new technology & innovation connect your payments with financial services companies, e.g. SWIFT protocols have to be replaced.
InsurTech or insurtech, are the new technology & innovations to improve traditional insurance methods with modern the insurance technology.
WealthTech or wealthtech are the innovations around wealth management.

Fintech Companies 2018
Paytech Companies 2018
Insurtech Companies 2018
Wealthtech Companies 2018

FinTech Areas: Crypto, Blockchain, PFM and others

Crypto or Blockchain Applications

Swiss companies involved in the Crypto FinTech area, besides the Swiss Crypto Valley Start-ups, are #24, 20|30, Bancor, BITY, Btc Suisse, CryptoCash, digital bitbox, ECUREX, Gatechain, IBT, inpher, KOINA, Lykke, METACO, monetas, moneygrid, ShapeShift, Swiss Blockchain Technology, SwissMine, Verso Solutions, WB21, xAPO and others.

Insurance Intermediation

Swiss companies involved in the Insurance Intermediation FinTech area, are ANIVO,, craolo,, FIRST YOU 24, Knip, myChoice, Stonestep, TRADEPLUS, VERSICHERIX, wefox, and others.

Investing and Asset Management , Social Trading, Automated Trading, PFM

Swiss companies involved in the Investing and Asset Management FinTech area, are #59, 10x10, 3rd eyes, AAACCELL, Acebanker, ALGO Trader, AMNIS, B for B, CARBON DELTA,, DESCARTES,, dufour capital, EDGELAB, evolute, finhorizon, FLYNT, InCube, interaction partners, INVESTMENT NAVIGATOR, KeeSystem, MASTTRO, meet invest, mydesq, nectar, ONEPM,, OSV FoxLab, QUANTFIN, Quantreex, QUOTIP, SIMPLEWEALTH, TINDECO, tj, TrueWealth, WEALTHARC, Wealth initiative, WERTHSTEIN

FinTech Key Services

Financial technology has been used to automate insurance, trading, and risk management. The services originate from service providers, e.g. a licensed bank or insurer. The interconnection is enabled through open APIs for open banking, supported by regulations (European Payment Services Directive).

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