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AI tools using LLMs (large language models)

Today, there ist a huge variety of AI tools & work approaches
When working with these kind of AI tools, the following approach is recommended:
- Introduction into prompt engineering and improve prompt engineering
- Generate texts, write emails, get new ideas, write meeting protocols, CVs and application letters, be organized better or get more work done.
- How to combine several AI tools to automate social media post generation or automate social media (and other) accounts.
- Result analysis and improvement

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List of AI tools using LLMs

Full list of AI tools (growing...)

10web - - AI Website Builder: 10x faster with AI generated content and images. Customize with drag and drop editor. The Next-Gen Builder Created by 10Web.

2short - - AI YouTube Shorts, TikTok or Reels generator. Let extract the best moments of your videos and turn them into performing short clips that drive views and subscribers 10X faster.

3D Icons - - Open source 3D icon library. Beautifully crafted open source 3D icons. 100% free for commercial and personal use under cco.

Adobe Podcast - - Adobe podcast, an AI-powered audio tools that elevate your voice. Create high-quality podcasts and voiceovers that sound professional with Adobe Podcast.

AdvancedInnovation - AdvancedInnovation - The #1 "Nr. ONE" KI search by Advanced Innovation. List of KI tools.

AgentGPT - AgentGPT - AgentGPT is the next generation of Google search. Ask any question and watch as an AI Agent gives you the perfect answer after aggregating relevant sources from across the internet.

AircrackNG - AircrackNG - Aircrack-ng is a complete suite of tools to assess WiFi network security. It focuses on different areas of WiFi security: Monitoring, Attacking, Testing, Cracking.

Aizzy - AIZZY - Transform how you study and work with interactive document handling and standout virtual assistance.

Alicent - Alicent - ChatGPT Chrome Extension. The Extension to Get Work Done with ChatGPT.

Alison - Alison - Free Online Courses With Certificates & Diplomas.

AmpliTube5 - AmpliTube5 - AmpliTube 5 amp simulation and guitar gear modeling software.

AnimateCSS - AnimateCSS - A cross-browser library of CSS animations.

AnimeJS - AnimeJS - JavaScript animation engine (

AnimistaNet - AnimistaNet - On-Demand CSS Animations Library.

AnswerSocrates - AnswerSocrates - Answer Socrates.

Archive - - Internet Archive - - Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free & Borrowable Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine.

Autodraw - Autodraw - Autodraw - Fast drawing for everyone.

Autotune - Autotune - Autotune: Discover the ultimate collection of Auto-Tune pitch correction and vocal production effects.

BardByGoogle - BardByGoogle - Bard, the interactive AI-Tool by Google.

Bardeen - Bardeen - Automation is now as easy as texting. Meet Bardeen AI, delegate your tedious work with a few lines of text.

Beathoven - Beathoven - makes it easy for content creators to generate background music with the help of AI.

BeautifulAI - BeautifulAI - jumpstarts your presentations. Start your presentation inspired. Look, we made it easy. Smart templates give your team a blueprint for making presentations. The modern ones that customers love. We filled with tons of smart slide templates for you to choose from, so it's easy to start, finish, and impress in no time.

BingChat - BingChat - Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge. Mit dem neuen Bing, das in die Microsoft Edge-Sidebar integriert ist, können Sie komplexe Fragen stellen, umfassende Antworten finden, zusammengefasste Informationen abrufen und Inspirationen finden, auf denen Sie in einer Side-by-Side-Ansicht aufbauen können, ohne zwischen den Registerkarten wechseln zu müssen.

BingCreate - BingCreate - Erstellen Sie Bilder mittels Wörtern dank KI.

Blackhat - Blackhat - Black Hat is an internationally recognized cybersecurity event series providing the most technical and relevant information security research.

Blender - Blender - Blender 4.0 - Introducing Cycles Light Linking, new Principled BSDF shader, better Color Management, and so much more !

BlendmodeCSS - BlendmodeCSS - - CSS - mix-blend-mode properties.

BlueWillow - BlueWillow - AI Artwork Generator - From logos and characters to digital artwork and photos, just describe the image you want and our AI image generating tool will create the perfect graphic for your project. It is FREE to try.

Brand24 - Brand24 - Get AI-powered access to mentions across social media, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews, and more.

CainAbel - CainAbel - Passwort vergessen? Cain & Abel ist ein Tool, um sie wiederherzustellen. Downloaden Sie Cain & Abel gratis und stellen Sie verlorene Passwörter wieder her.

Canva - Canva - AI Image Generator: Erstelle aus Text Bilder.

Captions - Captions - Your AI-powered creative studio. Meet Captions ! The next generation storytelling at your fingertips. Discover the power of AI and create studio-grade videos in just a few taps.

Chatfuel - Chatfuel - Boost commerce on WhatsApp with Chatfuel !

ChatGPT - ChatGPT - Introducing ChatGPT (

ChatPDF - ChatPDF - Upload and Chat PDF - Analyze PDF-files with AI. Revolutionize your PDF experience with AI-powered text recognition, table extraction, and data analysis using advanced Machine Learning.

Claude2 - Claude2 - Think of Claude as a friendly, enthusiastic colleague or personal assistant who can be instructed in natural language to help you with many tasks.

Codecombat - Codecombat - Learn to Code Through the Power of Play.

Codingame - Codingame - Play coding games. Have fun. Build skills. Level up your coding with games, puzzles, and challenges.

Cohesive - Cohesive - Create magical content with the most powerful AI editor. End ChatGPT prompt struggles. Create, refine, edit, and publish seamlessly with Cohesive.

Colormind - Colormind - Colormind is a color scheme generator that uses deep learning. It can learn color styles from photographs, movies, and popular art. Different datasets are loaded each day, check back tomorrow for even more color inspiration. Visit the blog for tech info or have a look at our API.

Consensus - Consensus - AI Search Engine for Research. Consensus is a search engine that uses AI to find insights in research papers.

CopyAI - CopyAI - The only AI platform purpose-built for outcomes. Our AI OS replaces the chaos of disparate tools, simplifying and automating your workflow. Spend your time where it truly matters-innovating, making key decisions, and driving your business forward.

Craiyon - Craiyon - Create AI Art with our free AI image generator.

DALLE - DALLE - DALL-E 2 is an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

DaVinciResolve - DaVinciResolve - DaVinci Resolve. Schnitt, Colorgrading, Effekte und Audiopostpro auf Profiniveau.

Deepimage - Deepimage - Revolutionary AI-Powered image enhancers. Easy-to-use apps to automatically enhance photos in a few clicks, without the need of time-consuming manual post-processing.

Designer - Designer - Unleash your creativity: Create stunning designs lightning-fast with AI.

DID - DID - Transform Photos into Videos in 30 Seconds. Save time and money and enrich your content with engaging AI videos. Try it today!

DiffusionArt - DiffusionArt - 100% FREE AI ART Generator. No Signup, No Upgrades, No CC reqd. Live access to 100s of Hosted Stable Diffusion Models !! Create and download Unlimited Art Works.

DocumentAI - DocumentAI - Erstellen Sie Prozessoren für Dokumente, die Ihnen helfen, mühsame Aufgaben zu automatisieren, die Datenextraktion zu verbessern und tiefere Einblicke aus unstrukturierten oder strukturierten Dokumentinformationen zu gewinnen. Mit Document AI können Entwickler hochpräzise Prozessoren erstellen, um Dokumente zu extrahieren, zu klassifizieren und aufzuteilen.

DoraAI - DoraAI - One Prompt, One Powerful Website.

Dribbble - Dribbble - Discover the World's Top Designers & Creative Professionals. More than 497,646 inspirational designs, illustrations, and graphic elements from the world's best designers. Want more inspiration? Browse our search results...

Dupdub - Dupdub - DupDub. All-in-one content creation platform. Effortlessly craft your content and streamline your workflow.

EasyPeasy - EasyPeasy - Bester KI-Schreiber, Inhalts-Generator und Schreibassistent | Easy-Peasy.AI

Eightify - Eightify - Save time on long videos, get key ideas instantly.

ElementsOfAI - ElementsOfAI - A free online introduction to artificial intelligence for non-experts. Welcome to the Elements of AI free online course! Join over 1 million other people learning about the basics of AI.

ExcelFormulator - ExcelFormulator - Write Excel formulas in seconds with AI.

FakeNameGenerator - FakeNameGenerator - Generate a Random Name - Fake Name Generator.

Fffuel - Fffuel - fffuel is a collection of color tools and free SVG generators for gradients, patterns, textures, shapes & backgrounds. Free SVG generators, color tools & web design tools (

Fliki - Fliki - Fliki - Video creation made 10x simpler & faster with AI

Fontjoy - Fontjoy - Generate font combinations with deep learning

ForthyWebInspect - ForthyWebInspect - WebInspect is an automated dynamic testing solution that provides comprehensive vulnerability detection. DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) Analysis Tool | CyberRes (

FutureTools - FutureTools - FutureTools Collects & Organizes All The Best AI Tools So YOU Too Can Become Superhuman!

Gamma - Gamma - A new medium for presenting ideas. Powered by AI. Just start writing. Beautiful, engaging content with none of the formatting and design work.

Getmunch - Getmunch - You're Already Making Great Videos. Let's Put Them To Work. Extract the most engaging and impactful clips from your long-form videos using Munch, the #1 AI video repurposing platform.

GetOdin - GetOdin - The Ultimate AI Tool For Everyone. One AI platform for everything. Your one-stop solution to simplify and automate work using Generative AI.

GitHubCopilot - GitHubCopilot - GitHub Copilot - Your AI pair programmer - GitHub

Godmode - Godmode - - Godmode AI.

GPTinf - GPTinf - Bypass AI detection.

Grammarly - Grammarly - You can win at work. Take our word for it. Work with an AI writing partner that helps you to find the words you need to write that tricky email, to get your point across, to keep your work moving.

GreyHack - GreyHack - Grey Hack is a massively multiplayer hacking simulator game. You're a hacker with full freedom to act as you wish on a vast network of procedurally generated computers. File Explorer, Terminal and Text Editor are some of the programs that will be available from the start of the game. As you improve your skills you will find new utilities that you may install and use.

GuitarRig - GuitarRig - Step into a creative effects playground.

HackingLoops - HackingLoops - Pentest Lab Guide. Learn Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Online | Learn ethical hacking, penetration testing, cyber security, best security and web penetration testing techniques from best ethical hackers in security field.

HackLikeAPro - HackLikeAPro - Basics for the Aspiring Hacker.

HackMud - Hackmud - Hackmud is a cyberpunk themed text-based hacking simulator for intel-compatible personal home computers. Get lost in a deep and complex world full of challenging puzzles.

HackNet - HackNet - HackNet ist ein immersiver, terminal-basierter Hacking-Simulator. Tauche ein in die Welt des Hackens und folge den Spuren eines kürzlich verstorbenen Hackers, dessen Tod - entgegen den Berichten der Medien - möglicherweise doch kein Unfall war.

HackTheBox - HackTheBox - The #1 cybersecurity upskilling platform. Hack The Box gives individuals, businesses and universities the tools they need to continuously improve their cybersecurity capabilities - all in one place.

HackThisSite - HackThisSite - is a free, safe and legal training ground for hackers to test and expand their ethical hacking skills with challenges, CTFs, and more.

Haikei - Haikei - Haikei is a web app to generate stunning visual content.

HashCat - HashCat - Advanced password recovery.

HourOne - HourOne - AI Video Generator made easy. Create Professional Training Videos in Minutes.

HTML - HTML - HTML For Beginners. The Easy Way: Start Learning HTML & CSS Today.

Huemint - Huemint - Color palette generator. Huemint uses machine learning to create unique color schemes for your brand, website or graphic.

InboxPro - InboxPro - Turn Leads into Customers. Close more meetings. InboxPro helps you streamline the process of acquiring and nurturing clients using AI, merge tags, follow-up sequences, and a built-in calendar. Steigern Sie Ihre Gmail-Produktivität mit AI und leistungsstarken Automatisierungstools.

InkScape - InkScape - Ein leistungsfähiges, freies Designprogramm. Ob Du ein Illustrator oder (Web-)Designer bist oder einfach nur Vektorgrafiken zeichnen willst, Inkscape ist genau das Richtige für Dich !

InsertChatGPT - InsertChatGPT - Create Your Own AI Chatbot Using Your Data And Branding That You Can Embed Everywhere. The Best AI Chatbots Creator. With Your Data & Branding. Build your white-label AI chatbot with no coding using URLs, documents, texts, audio and videos !

InsidersEdge - InsidersEdge - Go from zero to productivity. Find the best AI tools to enhance your life, streamline your workflow, and improve your business processes with our search engine.

Invicti - Invicti - Application security testing for tech companies. Invicti is the top vulnerability scanner for your web apps.

Jasper - Jasper - Not just faster, better. Jasper is an AI copilot for enterprise marketing teams who want better outcomes, not just faster outputs.

Jenni - Jenni - Supercharge Your Writing with Jenni AI.

JohnTheRipper - JohnTheRipper - John the Ripper password cracker.

Kaiber - Kaiber - Discover the artist within you. Turn text, videos, photos, and music into stunning videos with our advanced AI generation engine.

Kickstart2 - Kickstart2 - Nicky Romero Kickstart 2 - The fastest plugin for pro sidechaining.

Krisp - Krisp - Krisp | AI Meeting Assistant for Automatic Meeting Summaries.

LearningStudioAI - LearningStudioAI - Create courses with AI-powered authoring tool | LearningStudioAI

LearnPython - LearnPython - Learn Python - Free Interactive Python Tutorial

LearnWeb3 - LearnWeb3 - LearnWeb3 - Become a Web3 Developer for free !

LeetResumes - LeetResumes - Upload your resume to get a free professional resume rewrite.

LeonardoAI - LeonardoAI - Unleash your Creativity with the power of Leonardo AI. Create production-quality visual assets for your projects with unprecedented quality, speed, and style-consistency.

LexicaArt - LexicaArt - Try the Next-Gen Aperture v3.5 Model.

LogoAI - LogoAI - New Logo & Brand Design. Let AI-powered logo maker generate your new logo, create matching stationery, and design a brand you love !

LogoBook - LogoBook - Logobook - Discover the worlds finest logos, symbols and trademarks.

LiangYangLoi - LiangYangLoi - Dozent Liang Yang Loi. Ethical Hacker | Penetration Tester.

LongShotAI - LongShotAI - LongShot AI | Generative AI for Fact-Checked Blogs. Think ChatGPT for teams and enterprises. Research, generate, optimize content. Upload your docs, fact check, ensure zero hallucinations, integrate anywhere.

Lumen5 - Lumen5 - Lumen5. Grow your brand and drive demand with video at scale. Our online video creator makes it easy for anyone on your team to create engaging video content.

Magestic - Magestic - Magestic - AI Generated Icon Sets. Figma Community.

MailsAI - MailsAI - Maximize Your Cold Email Outreach with - Email Marketing Automation Tool.

MatrixIO - MatrixIO - This is Avatar Intelligence, Web3, Metaverse and more.

MAutoPitch - MAutoPitch - Automatic vocal tuning for free. MAutoPitch is a simple but great sounding automatic tuning and pitch correction plugin designed for vocals and other monophonic instruments. Besides making the audio more in-tune, MAutoPitch also provides creative features such as formant shift and stereo-expansion. It is quick, easy to use and free !

MazeGuru - MazeGuru - Maze Guru - To be an art guru by texting

MidJourney - MidJourney - Midjourney.

MindLuster - MindLuster - Mind Luster - 300'000 Online Courses and MOOCs. With Free Certificates in one place.

MindsetAI - MindsetAI - Conversational AI for People & Development Teams. Knowledge unlocked. Secure AI assistant for every employee and customer. Mindset AI simplifies configuring and managing AI assistants trained on your company data, using enterprise LLMs, and offers over 200 integrations with your daily platforms. Empower your customers and employees to access essential knowledge through conversations, boosting efficiency and productivity from anywhere.

MixoIO - MixoIO - Mixo | Launch your startup in seconds.

MokkerAI - MokkerAI - Mokker AI - Instant AI Background Replacement.

MubertAI - MubertAI - Mubert - Thousands of Staff-Picked Royalty-Free Music Tracks for Streaming, Videos, Podcasts, Commercial Use and Online Content.

NeroAI - NeroAI - Try Nero AI Tool Free! Enlarge Animate Colorize Restore Avatar Tag.

Nessus - Nessus - Identify, prioritize and remediate 79k+ vulnerabilities across your entire attack surface. Cloud infrastructure. IT assets. More.

Netcut - Netcut - Netcut for WIndows,MacOs, Android |

NeumorphismIO - NeumorphismIO - Neumorphism/Soft UI CSS shadow generator. Generate Soft-UI CSS code.

NightCafé - NightCafé - AI Art Generator. Create Stunning AI Art. Create amazing artworks in seconds using the power of Artificial Intelligence, participate in AI Art Challenges, chat with AI Art enthusiasts, and more. Try an art generator now !

NmapTheNetworkMapper - NmapTheNetworkMapper - Nmap The Network Mapper - Free Security Scanner.

NotionAI - NotionAI - Frag einfach die Notion-KI. Wissen, Antworten, Ideen. Mit nur einem Klick.

NullByte - NullByte - Basics for the Aspiring Hacker. NullByte - The aspiring white-hat hacker/security awareness playground. Null Byte.

OnRead - OnRead - - instant free e-book download. Read books online via this free e-book library. Become a literary critic and write your own review to any book.

OsintDojo - OSIntDojo - Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). We are a project that aims to guide those new to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) through the first steps of their journey. Our goal is to provide those new to the OSINT field a number of free resources and simple challenges that build on one another to provide a simple road map for learning more about the field and polishing up related skills while also earning badges to show off your accomplishments.

PageSpeed - PageSpeed - Verbessere die Geschwindigkeit deiner Webseiten auf allen Geräten.

PaletteFM - PaletteFM - See your photos in realistic colors. Upload your photo, pick your unique filter, and watch your moment transform with vibrant, lifelike colors in seconds.

PaperPal - PaperPal - Experience the future of academic writing. Boost your chances of success with real-time, subject-specific language suggestions that help you write better, faster !

PaperPal - PaperPal - Chat with any PDF document. From legal agreements to financial reports, brings your documents to life. You can ask questions, get summaries, find information, and more.

Penelope - Penelope - Check academic manuscripts|, instantly.

PerplexityAI - PerplexityAI - Ask anything. Where knowledge begins.

Persado - Persado - Persado | Increase Conversion With AI Language Generation. Highest-performing digital messaging in real-time.

PhotoLeap - PhotoLeap - You'll never believe what you can create on your phone.

PhotoPea - PhotoPea - Online Photo Editor.

PicOfMe - PicOfMe - AI profile picture maker. Upload your photo and get an eye-catching profile picture.

Pictory - Pictory - Easy Video Creation for Content Marketers. Generate more leads and boost sales by turning any content into highly shareable videos using the power of AI: fast, scalable, affordable.

Pixelz - Pixelz - Pixelz AI Art Generator. Pixelz AI Art Generator enables you to create incredible art from text. Stable Diffusion, CLIP Guided Diffusion & PXL-E Realistic Algorithms available !

PlagiarismRemoverNet - PlagiarismRemoverNet - Plagiarism Remover. To remove plagiarism, copy & paste your text or "Choose File" button to upload files and click Submit.

PlagiarismRemoverCom - PlagiarismRemoverNet - Plagiarism Remover. AI-Based Plagiarism Fixer Online. Plagiarism Remover is a free online tool that easily removes plagiarism from any article and makes it 100% unique without changing its meaning. Just copy and paste your article into the below box and hit the button to start the process of removing plagiarism. Now, wait a few seconds to get your new plagiarism-free content.

PlaygroundAI - PlaygroundAI - Create and Edit Images like a pro without being one.

Prodia - Prodia - Prodia is revolutionizing the way AI is integrated into various software applications. With a vision to make AI accessible to all, Prodia offers a fast and easy-to-use API for image generation.

FabFilterPro - FabFilterPro - Highest possible sound quality, unrivalled interface workflow. An equalizer is probably the tool you use most while mixing and mastering, so you need the best of the best. With FabFilter Pro-Q 3, you get the highest possible sound quality, a very extensive feature set, and a gorgeous, innovative interface with unrivalled ease of use.

QRcodeCreator - QRcodeCreator - QR Code AI Art Generator. Create, Customize, and Track Stunning QR Codes Art with Our Free QR Code AI Art Generator. Seamlessly integrate these artistic codes into your marketing materials, packaging, and digital platforms.

QuillbotAI - QuillbotAI - QuillBot's AI-powered paraphrasing tool will enhance your writing. Your words matter, and our paraphrasing tool is designed to ensure you use the right ones. With unlimited Custom modes and 8 predefined modes, Paraphraser lets you rephrase text countless ways. Our product will improve your fluency while also ensuring you have the appropriate vocabulary, tone, and style for any occasion. Simply enter your text into the input box, and our AI will work with you to create the best paraphrase.

ReactPlay - ReactPlay - ReactPlay - One app to learn, create, and share ReactJS projects. Start React Code Arena with ReactPlay. ReactPlay is an open-source platform to learn, create and share ReactJS projects with the developer community. Start by browsing the plays or exploring the source code.

ReminiAI - ReminiAI - ReminiAI - Remini - AI Photo Enhancer. The only photo and video enhancer you'll ever need. Transformative technology gives your low-quality visuals a stunning HD upgrade. Restore old photos to incredible detail and elevate your content to a professional level.

Replit - Replit - Replit - Meet Replit AI, your online AI code generator. Harness the power of Replit's AI online code generator to boost your productivity and creativity. Built into the world's most popular online IDE.

ReverseImageSearch - ReverseImageSearch - Reverse Image Search. Search by Image to Find Similar Photos. by Google (not

Riffusion - Riffusion - Trending Riffs. This AI will literally sing whatever you type. Add lyrics to generate a song.

Robocode - Robocode - Robocode. Robocode is a programming game, where the goal is to develop a robot battle tank to battle against other tanks in Java. The robot battles are running in real-time and on-screen.

Rows - Rows - - Rows - Spreadsheet.

Rytr - Rytr - Rytr is an AI writing assistant that helps you create high-quality content, in just a few seconds ! Write emails, blogs, Facebook, ads, landing page, copies, product descriptions, story plots, Instagram posts, SEO titles, YouTube descriptions, taglines & headlines, interview questions, testimonials & reviews, profile, bio.

Scispace - Scispace - Science Papers. Do hours worth of reading in minutes. Find related papers from 282 million articles.

ScribbleDiffusion - ScribbleDiffusion - Scribble Diffusion. Turn your sketch into a refined image using AI.

Scribe - Scribe - AI that documents your processes for you. Save hours (and headaches) a week with Scribe - an AI tool that builds how-to guides, SOPs and training manuals for you.

Scribus - Scribus - Scribus is the Go-To Libre Desktop Publishing Application.

ScripAI - ScripAI - 100% Free AI Use Cases!

SDXL1 - SDXL1 - Discord Stablediffusion

Stablediffusion - Stablediffusion - Discord Stablediffusion

StabilityAI - StabilityAI - AI by the people for the people. We are building the foundation to activate humanity's potential.

Shapefest - Shapefest - A massive library of free 3D illustrations for 100k transparent PNG images of beautiful 3D objects.

Sheetplus - Sheetplus - AI-powered tools for Excel & Google Sheets | Sheet+

Simplified - Simplified - All your AI Apps for Graphics Design, Video Editing, AI Copywriting, Social Media Management, AI Tools and more. Graphics Design in one app. Unleash the power of AI to supercharge content creation for everyone.

SindreSorhus - SindreSorhus - Amazing AI. Generate images from text using Stable Diffusion.

SlidesAI - SlidesAI - Erstellen Sie Präsentationsfolien mit KI in Sekunden. Verabschieden Sie sich von der mühsamen, manuellen Erstellung von Folien. Lassen Sie die KI im Handumdrehen professionelle, ansprechende Folien aus jedem Text erstellen.

Softonic - Softonic - AI Tools Overview. Die besten Apps für dich an einem Ort.

Soundraw - Soundraw - Create your beats with the power of AI. Welcome to the AI Music Generation.

Starrytars - Starrytars - Create Art with AI. Generate art simply by describing what you want to see and our Artificial Intelligence transforms your words into art.

SteveAI - SteveAI - The Only AI Tool To Create Animation Videos Using Text. Experience the magic of our AI video generator as it swiftly selects the perfect creative media assets for your video, allowing you to create professional videos in mere minutes with our patented AI technology.

StockIMG - StockIMG - Generate QR Codes, Wallpapers, Stock Images, Logos, Posters, Illustrations, Book Covers with AI.

Submagic - Submagic - Create viral shorts in seconds with AI. Make your short-form videos more captivating with Captions, B-Rolls, Zooms and Sound Effects.

Superflows - Superflows - Add an AI Copilot to your SaaS product. Build and deploy an AI Copilot in a day. It connects to your API, letting users get answers and perform tasks via chat.

Submagic - Submagic - Create viral shorts in seconds with AI. Make your short-form videos more captivating with Captions, B-Rolls, Zooms and Sound Effects.

TalkFLow - TalkFLow - TalkFlow - Make your product support Natural Language Interaction. TalkFlow's AI Assistant can hear, see and code. Smart AI that gives real-time advice during conversations and helps to solve coding problems.

Taplio - Taplio - Leverage AI to grow on LinkedIn. Get more reach, engagement and followers in 10min per day.

TDRNova - TDRNova - NOVA is a parallel dynamic equalizer. Appearing in the familiar layout of a parametric equalizer, each band also includes a full featured dynamics section allowing the processor to cover an impressively wide range of applications. Be it a master lacking density, the drum bus asking for more crispiness, or a sibilance problem in your perfect take: NOVA has an elegant answer.

TempMail - TempMail - Disposable email - is a free email service that allows to receive email at a temporary address that self-destructed after a certain time elapses. It is also known by names like : tempmail, 10minutemail, 10minmail, throwaway email, fake-mail , fake email generator, burner mail or trash-mail.

Theresanaiforthat - Theresanaiforthat - AI Tools Overview

ThunderContent - ThunderContent - Create any content with Artificial Intelligence in minutes. Overcome creative block and generate any type of unique and high-quality content at the speed of light.

Tineye - Tineye - Reverse Image Search. Find where images appear online. TinEye (not google reverse image search)

TinyWOW - TinyWOW - We offer PDF, video, image and other online tools to make your life easier.

TinyWOWImageAI - TinyWOWImageAI - AI Image Generator.

TLDRthis - TLDRthis - Summarize any Webpage|in a click. TLDR This helps you summarize any piece of text into concise, easy to digest content so you can free yourself from information overload.

TomeAI - TomeAI - Tome - shape and share your ideas with AI. AI that moves your ideas forward. Create polished & professional communication faster.

ToolifyAI - ToolifyAI - Discover The Best AI Websites & Tools. 9091 AIs and 233 categories in the best AI tools directory. AI tools list & GPTs store are updated daily by ChatGPT.

Try2HackMe - Try2HackMe - Are you a hacker? Challenge yourself! Play a game based on the real hacker attacks, compare your skill with others, and win iPhone Xr 128 GB Black...

Tweethunter - Tweethunter - Build and monetize your twitter audience. Fast. Get sales, growth and new networks. Faster than what you're currently trying.

UIVerse - UIVerse - Open-Source UI elements for any project. Create, share, and use beautiful custom elements made with CSS or Tailwind.

UndetectableAI - UndetectableAI - Advanced AI Detector and Humanizer. Use our AI detector tool to check if your text will be detected as AI-written content. Our AI text humanizer enhances your content to match the quality of human writing. Clicking 'humanize' removes AI detection and ensures your text will bypass AI detectors.

Uplink - Uplink - Become a true cyber-hacker. Who hasn't dreamed of one day making millions as a hacker? In Uplink you perform all sorts of jobs for major corporations, hacking into servers, stealing files and making money in the process.

UltimateVocalRemover - UltimateVocalRemover - The best vocal remover application on the internet, and it's totally free and open source!

VidIQ - VidIQ - Designed to boost your YouTube views. Get free insights and guidance to keep your YouTube channel growing.

VidyoAI - VidyoAI - Make Short Clips From Long Videos. Get social ready clips, cut & captioned by AI. Save 90% time and effort.

VitalAudio - VitalAudio - Vital. Spectral warping wavetable synth.

VoiceMod - VoiceMod - Gratis Echtzeit-Stimmenverzerrer für Online-Spiele. Voicemod funktioniert mit VRChat, Discord, Overwatch, Fortnite, PUBG, Skype und CSGO. Auch für April- und Halloween-Scherze geeignet !

Vondy - Vondy - Generate anything you can imagine using cutting-edge AI. An all-in-one platform to supercharge your creativity and productivity.

WebDev - WebDev - WebDev. Hilfreiche Inhalte, die von Mitgliedern des Chrome-Teams und externen Experten verfasst wurden. Learn web development. CSS- und UI-Design.

WnrAI - WnrAI - AIs from our Community. Chat with various AIs created by members of our community using different LLMs.

Wonderhowto - Wonderhowto - Basics for the Aspiring Hacker.

WordAI - WordAI - Use artificial intelligence to cut turnaround time, extend your budget, and create more high-quality content that Google and readers will love.

WordAIio - WordAIio - Best Free AI Content Generator. The #1 Content Writing Tool. Get HIGH QUALITY Content In One Click. helps you research and write high-quality content in just a few seconds instead of hours.

WordSpinner - WordSpinner - Create or rewrite any content with just a single click.

WordTune - WordTune - Reach Your Professional Potential. Everyone has tons of work to get through. Some accept the frustration. Others choose Wordtune Generative AI to speed up their tasks.

WriteSonic - WriteSonic - Generative AI Platform for Content Creation, SEO and AI Chatbots. SEO & AI Synergy: Create and Optimize all types of Content, Outsmart Competitors by decoding their secrets and leveraging trending keywords to boost your organic traffic.

ZantiAPK - ZantiAPK - Sicherheitstest-Tool, das auch als Cyberattack-Simulator dient.

ZeekSTFU - ZeekSTFU - ZEEK STFU is the best free volume shaper available. STFU is a super quick to use sidechainer that can be automatically sync'd to host BPM or triggered by MIDI notes and it's always sample accurate. Using MIDI trigger, you can overcome limitations of very many synth volume envelopes for a myriad of purposes.

ZSecurity - ZSecurity - Hacking Masterclass by Zaid.

Zyro - Zyro - Flawless templates, easy editing, no coding required - that's Zyro website builder.

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